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  2. Am Ibrahim, a father of Abdulmatin a two months old child is diagonised with heart problem that requires urgent attention. Am writting to request from your goodself to be of help. Here is my e-mail address aibrahimoluseun@gmail.com. All neccessary document shall be scan and sent to your foundation for confermation. Thanks.

  3. This is amazing seeing king Kanu life on you tube. Can’t just wait meeting Papilo in person cos as a tennager in 1996 when he scored that goal against Brazil in Atlanta we dance d all night on the street our joy knew no bounds. Kanu Personally i will like to meet u so that I will tell u how i have affected the youths of Nigeria positively. Here in Sweden where i live with my family whereever i introduce myself as a Nigerian the oyibos will say oh Kanu brother and it makes me walk the streets of Stockholm with pride as a Nigerian. Pls king Kanu anytime u will come to Sweden i will have the honour of hosting u if u don’t mind. Thanks.A huge thanks to 99. Nigerian info radio for this programme i am in joy ingen it feels as if i am i naija again.how do i contribute here thanks.

  4. this foundation is very good, considering the fact that health is wealth… Also from the point of view of aid to children who ordinarily may have not financial power to deal with heart deseases and the likes. Please may i know the adress of the hospital,and criteria for admission.

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