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The Kanu Heart Foundation(KHF) is non-governmental,non-profit organisation founded by World renowned footballer, Kanu nwankwo to help indigent Nigerian children with cardiac diseases to obtain life-saving surgeries within and outside Nigeria.

Since its launch in 2000 and in pursuit of its vision, KHF has successfully helped 538 children of varying ages get open heart surgeries in hospitals across the world.

According to the Coordinator of KHF, Pastor Onyebuchi Abia, the Foundation has spent about $4.2 million, an average of $10,000.00 per person, for surgeries outside Nigeria. however, with the growing number of heart disease patients on the foundation’s waiting list, the establishment and building of a Cardiac Specialist Hospital will certainly save more lives and also greatly save cost.

It is on this basis that KHF is proposing to build and equip an ultra-modern Cardiac Centre in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital City. The project which will be the first of its kind in the country is expected to perform at least 250 open-heart surgeries annually when completed. Other benefits of having such facility here in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized .

To put back Smiles on the Faces of Children, including Adult persons suffering from heart related Problems.

To give every African child with heart defect a new lease of life.

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The project was borne out of the need to fill the yawning gap in the health sector for the treatment of heart related ailments, especially those requiring open-heart surgeries which over the years have made patients seek help in foreign countries like India, Israel, London, United States and Sudan. In the process huge sum of foreign exchange are expended on travelling, accommodation and sundry expense thus unduly increasing the cost of obtaining medical help for sufferers.

  • To provide evidence based high quality cardiac disease care from assessment and diagnosis, through multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, recovery and palliative care.
  • To provide prevention services that will include public education and health promotion campaigns as well as screening services for early diagnosis .
  • To provide psychological care and support for patients and their relatives especially children with heart ailments.
  • To collaborate with other similar institutions to develop innovative research programmes.
  • To develop a population based heart disease registry that will establish a link  with other heart disease registries nationally and which would also contribute to on-going research and development of the centre.
  • To provide an educational and training centre for heart diseases services accessible to all health professionals including training for graduate and post graduate medical staff, post registration cardiac disease nurses, interested members of the public, partners and other stakeholders on heart disease.
  • To invest in facilities and modern equipment for all aspect s of prevention and diagnosis .

The Cardiac Specialist Hospital will be situated in the Federal Capital Abuja, where the federal government has given the Foundation a piece of land for the project. Also, the central nature of Abuja gives access for Nigerians from any part of the country.

The Cardiac Specialist Hospital is expected to cost $35m(Thirty Five million Dollars) or N5 billion (Five Billion Naira only).

The Foundation has board of trustees who are persons of integrity and social standing amongst whom are Nwankwo Kanu (MON, OON, UNICEF AMBASSADOR) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Chief Segun Osoba, Mr. Ben Bruce, Mr. Onyebuchi Abia and Mr. Iain Nelson. One of its founding trustees, the late Chairman Air Commander Sampson Emeka Omeruah  passed away  on December 4, 2006.

The Foundation was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC / IT / NO 19521 in Abuja on 19th September, 2005.


Our activities abroad are commendable. It has enabled us to carry out surgeries on some foreign nationals and helped raise awareness to this under publicised problem in Africa. The UK office is based at: Rowlandson House, 289 Ballards Lane. London N12 8NP United Kingdom.